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  1. I was almost completely sold on purchasing PELock because it offers everything I need, however since the support is absolutely horrendous, I've changed my mind. I messaged the 'help live chat' feature, and when I realised I wasn't going to get a response, I sent an email using the contact form. Only to wait 3-4 days to wait for him to respond to the live chat message (Which I didn't ask any questions in, I just said 'hello, anyone there' basically, but not respond to my contact form email with the questions I actually needed answered, not to mention not replying to this forum. I get that he's probably a solo developer, so am I, and even though I'm busy, I always make time on a daily basis to respond to my clients. If he can't even dedicate time to pre sale questions, I highly doubt he's going to make time furthering his products.
  2. Hello, I tried using the emailing service close to 24h ago, and since I'm without a response so far, I figured I'd make this thread and hopefully someone has the answer. (Hoping the product itself is better than customer support >_>) I'm just wondering, with the Trial/Licencing feature of PElock, is there a server authentication to validate the licences/trials, or?
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