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  1. Thank you for your kind words stranger cracker, I don't mind they don't release the name of their customers too, it would be unfair to the customers anyway.
  2. No problem Sir. I have noticed nobody from your team reached to us... What a disappointment, I was so anxious to talk to one of your guys to show them all the wonderful applications protected with PELock and uncracked for years!
  3. Please let your department contact, I can't wait to talk to them directly and the best proof for PELock protection let be PELock v2 itself, it's been more than a year on the market, not a single cracked copy, not a single unpacked copy, not a single serial, keygen or anything.
  4. PELock is used in many software, from simple shareware through engineering CAD software, medical software to top grade military software (e.g. Canadian Air Forces are our customer). You can evaluate our software for free by trying the demo version.
  5. Currently random string is generated as the user name, you can change it later.
  6. There are no limits hardcoded in PELock, but remember, the bigger the file size - the longer the protection process (analysis, protection, compression).
  7. .netshrink is just an exe-compressor for .net apps, just like UPX is a compressor for native applications.
  8. .netshrink is just an executable compressor, password protector and DLL binder for .net application, nobody claims it's an obfuscator to protect .net apps.
  9. You need to use .net obfuscator, but before you buy one test it against de4dot deobfuscator.
  10. PELock is only for native x86 executables. .netshrink is just an exe-compressor for .net applications.
  11. PELock is a complete software protection solution with anticracking capabilites and feature rich software license key system integrated with the protection, so yes, you can replace Software Passport with it. Please remember you will need to generate new license keys since our keys format is incompatible. Take a look at our SDK: https://github.com/PELock/PELock-Software-Protection-and-Licensing-SDK PELock is fully compatible with Visual C++ 2015 and others.
  12. Hello Friends, First I need to apologize to you for waiting so long for this moment. It's been a long time since PELock and its website was updated. Over the years I've been involved in many other programming & reverse engineering projects and PELock more or less was put to side, but not anymore! I've worked hard to bring it to life, make it modern, compatible as no other protection and resistant to crack. Its early versions was used for more than 2 years in a few popular software packages and those were never cracked. Over those years many bugs and compatibility issues have been fixed to bring you the stable final product. Not only PELock was updated, but also .netshrink and Obfuscator, visit their pages to see how it evolved. I've also released two programming libraries, one is Poly Polymorphic Engine, it's highly specialized encryption library and AZTEC 2D decoding library for polish vehicle ID documents. I have also developed SaaS service for developers StringEncrypt, you might also check it out. I hope you like the new website design, customer panel, forums and I can only hope you will come back to discover all of the new features of the software. Bartosz Wójcik
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