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    I was a little bit sceptic about this new PELock version, but I've tried to unpack it and I must admit it might seems easy - but it's not! The protection SDK functions and macros are really hard to overcome, whole code is mutated with a metamorphic engine (spaghetti code everywhere - warning!) , I've been trying to unpack it for the past 3 weeks and I made only a small progress, I will get you updated on the status. Good work mr Bartosh.
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    True that. PELock is the best protection I know. Safengine is one of the most cracked packer out there, stay away from it. Also safengine is coded by Nooby who is well known for being a lousy coder.
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    I highly recommend PELock over Safengine (easily cracked), Themida (cracked for years) or VMProtect. PELock has better and modern protections than those listed above. Also the SDK is much more complete.
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