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  2. I was almost completely sold on purchasing PELock because it offers everything I need, however since the support is absolutely horrendous, I've changed my mind. I messaged the 'help live chat' feature, and when I realised I wasn't going to get a response, I sent an email using the contact form. Only to wait 3-4 days to wait for him to respond to the live chat message (Which I didn't ask any questions in, I just said 'hello, anyone there' basically, but not respond to my contact form email with the questions I actually needed answered, not to mention not replying to this forum. I get that he's probably a solo developer, so am I, and even though I'm busy, I always make time on a daily basis to respond to my clients. If he can't even dedicate time to pre sale questions, I highly doubt he's going to make time furthering his products.
  3. Hello, I tried using the emailing service close to 24h ago, and since I'm without a response so far, I figured I'd make this thread and hopefully someone has the answer. (Hoping the product itself is better than customer support >_>) I'm just wondering, with the Trial/Licencing feature of PElock, is there a server authentication to validate the licences/trials, or?
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    Missing dll

    Hi, An error pop up after netshrink the exe ("The code execution cannot proceed because msvcr71d.dll was not found") This is on windows 10 on 64bit and .net framework 4.6 is installed.
  6. Currently random string is generated as the user name, you can change it later.
  7. You can do that in Account Settings like I did.
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